Adana Agreement 5 Km

However, another formal document exists between the two countries: the Joint Cooperation Agreement on Counter-Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations, signed on 21 December 2010 by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and his Syrian counterpart Walid Muallem, in support of the Adana Agreement. The 23-article agreement came into force on 26 April 2011, after approval by the government and Parliament, replacing the Adana agreement. The agreement had a three-year validity period, which was automatically renewed, unless both sides withdrew, but with the outbreak of the Syrian conflict, it became irrelevant. In addition, Turkey`s border policy has allowed the passage of weapons and militants into Syria and has encouraged the insurgency. From Damascus` point of view, it is Turkey that has flagrantly violated the agreement over the past eight years. In conclusion, the Adana agreement and the 2010 agreement require coordination between the two sides on border measures. And that`s what the Russians want to do: get Ankara to talk to Damascus, make contacts and work together. It means making peace with Damascus. Russia proposes that the agreement, if fully implemented, could resolve one of the most difficult differences in the Syrian conflict - the status of the YPG.

At the height of the depth allowed by the agreement with Turkey, the invasion of Syria is no longer enough to fight the separatist unit near its borders. Today, the leaders of the Democratic Union (PYD) and the PKK have established an autonomous zone in northeastern Syria and cannot be undermined by the invasion of Syrian territory. He added: "Today, after the failure of all the plans of the Turkish state, it is using the Adana agreement to occupy other territories of Syria and the occupied lands Afrine, al-Bab and Jrablos. SummaryThe invitation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the summit between him and his Russian counterpart to discuss the agreement, "Adana" and again Iron, clearly shows that Ankara no longer takes into account the terms of the convention to meet the needs of its own national security. The Syrian side understands that its inability to take the necessary measures and security obligations set out in this agreement gives Turkey the right to take all necessary security measures within 5 km of depth in Syrian territory. Discussions on the Adana agreement were on the agenda of the meeting between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin on 23 January. The Adana agreement also contained four annexes to the Syrian regime`s promise to prevent pkk elements from entering Syria, arresting cadres there and handing over the designated names to Turkish security forces. The regime also pledged not to allow the party to use Syrian territory as a corridor to a third country. Convention ContextsThe Syrian regime has supported the PKK in its armed struggle with Turkey since 1984.

Its leader, Abdullah Ocalan, had been in Damascus for many years, as well as the agreement between Ocalan and Damascus on the latter, which allowed the separatist party (PKK) to establish camps on Syrian territory, and then took it as a starting point to conduct military operations in Turkey.