Adoption Agreement For Cats

1. The language of the adoption treaty of Pet Allies, Inc. . ("contract") applies to all animals adopted by Pet Allies, Inc. regardless of the dwelling status of the potential adopter. Due to various tribal laws in Arizona that prevent the approval of a home visit and/or the application of the contract, Pet Allies, Inc. reserves the right to review all adoption applications, including all applications that reflect a residence in a reservation, prior to any applicable adoption conclusion of Pet Allies, Inc. reviewed by Pet Allies, Inc. Foster President and/or Director prior to the applicable closing of the This language was designed by Pet Allies, Inc. with the intention of taking its animals only from safe, fit homes that meet Pet Allies, Inc.`s standards and adoption policies.

In addition, Pet Allies, Inc. reserves the right to facilitate a home visit during the application process and after an application is closed for each application received. In the event that the application reflects a residence in a reservation, the potential/definitive adoptive parent agrees to allow a member of Pet Allies, Inc. to reside and to ensure legal access to that stay, including all residences being booked, including for the purposes of the contract, including the removal of the animal in accordance with the terms of the contract. Pet Allies, Inc. reserves the right to reject any adoption application at its sole discretion, particularly if the applicant`s home is unsuitable for an animal and/or does not comply with Pet Allies, Inc.`s standards and adoption policies applicable to the protection and conscience of its animals. 6. All the information I have provided on this application is, in my soul and conscience, true and complete. I understand that falsifying responses to this or otherwise during the adoption process prevents me from accepting it. 3. Pet Allies reserves the right to inquire about the animal at any time after adoption to users.

Pet Allies also reserves the right to recover any animal at any time for any reason deemed appropriate by the Pet Allies Board of Directors, including, but not limited to, the violation of this Agreement, animal abuse or fraudulent misrepresentation by the user. 8. If the adopted animal is returned within 14 days of the adoption date, a voucher may be issued for the adoption of another Pet Allies animal. The voucher has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged at any time. The voucher is good for a year and can only be used by the user and must be used at the same time. If another animal is adopted and the fee is less than the voucher amount, the difference is not refunded and is considered a tax-deductible gift. 5. PET ALLIES considers the animal you are adopting to be healthy (unless otherwise stated below). If you have a medical problem, contact PET ALLIES at 928-243-0695 or 928-532-1602. 4. I release PET ALLIES and CITY OF SHOW LOW and its officers, collaborators, agents and volunteers from any claim, means or liability for injuries or damage that may be caused by the animal and for any disease that my other animals may develop, even if these diseases are obtained by the animal adopted by PET ALLIES.

I agree to compensate, defend and keep unscathed PET ALLIES and CITY OF SHOW LOW and their officers, collaborators, agents and volunteers from and against all claims, means and debts, including, but not only those that are invoked by third parties for injuries or damage caused by the animal.