Aptpuo Collective Agreement Uottawa

While there were contract negotiations between the union and the university, they could not reach a satisfactory agreement, according to the Association of Professors of the Time of the University of Ottawa (APTPUO). The collective agreement for part-time faculties at the university expired on August 31, 2018. If you are looking for previous collective agreements, please click here. If you have any questions, please contact the association under apuo under uottawa dot ca or (613) 230-3659. Another mediation date is set for Monday and Daoust said the association hopes it will reach an agreement with the university to avoid a strike. Wednesday, December 9, 2020 at 6:30 pm on Zoom! The General Assembly is being held for the first time entirely online and is accompanied by simultaneous interpretation. To participate, you must complete your registration in advance. This step #1 attempts to list and demystify the benefits under section 40 of the collective agreement. He said the union didn`t want a work stoppage, but if negotiations don`t go well, a strike mandate can put pressure on the university. The professor apologized to the student and offered the student the opportunity to have a class discussion about the use of the N word. This caused tensions within the group, with students complaining about the inadequacy of the demand.

They believed that the professor had put the students in power to educate others and advocate for their right to dignity and respect. Bulletin #3 reviews articles on discrimination and accommodation, language requirements, member records, workload reduction and other articles. "As we move forward in the coming months, we will now focus on healing as a community and I am confident that we will emerge stronger," concludes Frémont. "On September 23, part-time teacher Lieutenant Duval used the N-word in his class during a discussion about the reappropriation of offensive words by groups like People of Colour and LGBTQ communities." I hope they come to a solution to the problem and I hope they get what they deserve because they do a lot of work," one student said. By making a comment, you agree that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish all or part of that comment in any way that CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the views expressed in the comments. Comments on this story are animated in accordance with our submission policies. Comments are welcome as long as they are open. We reserve the right to close comments at any time. If members want to strike, it would not be triggered immediately, as other measures would have to be completed first, Daoust said.

After class, a student, who is a person of color, emailed him that many students were deeply hurt and asked that the word no longer be used in class. APTPUO says it is concerned about the quality of education, pay equity, job security, wages and social benefits, working conditions and unpaid work. Frémont says he was "sad and troubled" by divisive comments after the incident that "created deep internal divisions that weighed on relationships and, in some cases, friendships, not only between faculties, but also among auxiliaries." Frémont says the new action committee will set and monitor recommended goals and outcomes, while tasking it with following up on recommendations and providing regular progress reports to the university`s management committee and board of governors. . . .