Contract Farming Agreement Draft

(1) to use the portion of its operation, measured and approved by the company, for the cultivation of green beans for the duration of this agreement. I have read and understood the content of this agreement and I sign it voluntarily. (3) Cash (or credit, once the farmer has qualified as an established and reliable contract farmer), the nature and quantity of fertilizers and agrochemicals needed for the area planted by the farmer for green beans. 2. This contract sets out the conditions under which farmers will grow green beans and the company will encourage, buy, process and market them. IISD and FAO have developed a model convention on responsible contract farming to help farmers and responsible buyers cope with the shortcomings of contract agriculture. 2. If the farmer does not follow the procedures described in this agreement, he is notified orally and in writing. After three written warnings, the company has the right to terminate the contract. Additional resources for responsible contract farming: the agreement model for responsible contract farming provides an overview of some of the most important legal issues in contract agriculture and presents the various provisions.

The customizable template is a user-friendly Word document that can be downloaded and customized. Tomatoes and coffees illustrate how the model agreement can be adapted for some crops. 1. This agreement applies during a growing period from the date of the signing to the end of the economic harvest of green beans. Read our Policy Letter to learn how contracts, when designed with women`s interests in mind, can help promote more balanced relationships between farmers and buyers, as well as women farmers and their husbands. The agreement model is a simple and practical means of recourse for buyers and producers to improve their trade relationships and help make responsible agricultural investment a reality. It can help manage performance asymmetries, create fairer and more sustainable trade relationships, and support a transparent trading environment for contract farmers. The agreement model provides simple and customizable provisions that can be tailored by the parties to the specific product, context and needs requirements of the parties. (1) All disputes arising from this agreement are resolved, as far as possible, through discussions between the company, the farmers` group and the farmer.

(2) If both parties are satisfied with the outcome of the agreement, it may be extended by an additional season, but there is no obligation for either party to renew the contract. . (5) Member of .. Group of farmers, and contribute to the maintenance of common facilities for irrigation, distribution of inputs, sorting, packaging, etc. as agreed by the group. In this section: agricultural contracts, agricultural agreements, cattle feeding contract, delivery of dairy animals, contract for distribution of livestock shares, contract for delivery and sale of weaner pork, Broiler, Brooder, Volailles, Production agreements Examples of customizable models - tomatoes and coffee. (6) fresh and not pre-braced by sunburn or other heat sources; Provide a simple and convenient means of recourse for buyers and producers to improve their business relationships and help make responsible investment in agriculture a reality.