Cooperative Agreements To Benefit Homeless Individuals (Cabhi)

Homeless people and those directly at risk of homelessness in Philadelphia County will have the opportunity to solve their housing crisis by jointly developing an effective use of a pool of available community resources. The Cooperative Agreement to Benefit Homeless Individuals (CABHI) will provide collaborative services to individuals to ensure that these services include comprehensive mental health services; Addiction treatment, employment, vocational training, social assistance and independent sustainability assistance, such as financial and budget management. (CABHI) The initiative aims to quickly place chronically homeless African-American adults in sustainable and sustainable shelters. In combination with the full support of Community Shelters, their partner agencies and the community will serve homeless African-American adults who have barriers preventing their housing. An additional 150 people (50 per year) currently living in permanent support shelters requiring care, health care and/or peer support are also receiving direct services. In 2013, SAMHSA launched a CABHI States program and provided grants for up to 3 years to states to improve and develop state service infrastructure and processing systems. .