Ctra Agreement

A formal research agreement is a requirement of the Australian Code for Research Responsibility (2007). It is stated that on this page you will find links to a series of standard search agreements and instructions on which agreement to use and in which situations. Only one agreement is required for each research cooperation, i.e. there is no need to use a Clinical Research Agreement (CTRA) and a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), as the topics covered in the MTA are covered by the broader CTRA. The agreement may take several forms, including a legal contract signed by the Chief Executive Officer, an exchange of letters or a research management plan signed by all parties, or management plans signed by appropriate representatives of all parties. "If you decide to use a non-standard agreement or if you are mandated by a third party who wants to use a non-standard agreement, a legal check is necessary. Research Ethics & Governance (REG) may arrange this on your behalf by collaborating with legal advisors for MCRI and/or RCH. However, it is highly recommended to use a standard chord. Fill out the right agreement relevant to your study. "Organisations participating in a joint research project should ensure that an agreement is reached with the partners on the management of the research. Such an agreement should follow the general principles of this Code, including integrity, honesty and the duty of excellence.