Mage Agreement

If you do not use the software in accordance with the terms of this license agreement, this is a violation of the agreement and your license to use the program will be revoked. In short, they need us and we need you now more than ever! Accompany your employees not only represented in protecting our future. Together, we can do more! MAGE-OPEIU Local 2002 Application - PDF VersionMAGE OfficeMAGE Office Hours are from 8:00 a.m.m to 5 p.m.m. Address MAGE: 6920 S. Cedar, Suite 7, Lansing MI 48911. MAGE observes the same public holidays as the state offices and is closed these days. Any questions? Call! 1-800-477-6243 Or email us at info@mage.orgInformationsUnions You and your collaborators would like to meet with MAGE representatives and hear what MAGE has to offer? We come to buy lunch and discuss what MAGE can do for you. Just call the MAGE office at 1-800-477-6243 and we`ll be happy to set it up for you. OPEIU White Collar PublicationClick on the above title to view the latest OPEIU collar publication. 1. This licensing agreement (hereafter the agreement) is an agreement between you (the person or company that is authorized for the use of the Software) and (hereafter We/un/our/licensee). The contract applies to all products you buy from us.

If you continue to use the Software after MageGuide has informed you of the termination of your license, you agree to accept an injunction to anchor yourself of future use and pay all costs (including, but not limited to reasonable legal fees) in order to obtain our revocation of your license and any damage we have caused as a result of your misuse of the software. MageGuide reserves the right to amend this license agreement at any time and to apply its clauses at any given time. The license agreement remains valid until the termination. We reserve the right to terminate your license to use the Software at any time if you do not comply with the terms of the Agreement at your discretion, including, but not limited to, the concealment or removal of author`s mentions under this Agreement. You can finish it at any time by destroying all copies of the software. The termination of this contract does not require us to return the amount spent on the purchase of the software. MAGE Local 2002 President Dale Threehouse and Laboratory Relations Director John DeTizio met for two days with 512 officers, John Strachan and Aaron Sanders in the office of OPECIU President Michael Goodwin (pictured below) to elaborate on the details of the agreement. President Goodwin said: "I am very pleased that the local unions have been able to reach this historic agreement. A single local union representing Michigan public servants will accelerate our organizational success. I look forward to working to develop the union. By purchasing products (software), you accept the following (agreements).