Oracle Partner Network Worldwide Agreement

In addition, OPN members can join Oracle`s Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. The Cloud MSP program is aimed at partners who, according to Oracle, have demonstrated cloud infrastructure management features or end-user systems and services, such as cloud consulting and customer migration. Benefits include sales and sales resources, as well as sales incentives. Oracle also offers the Cloud Excellence Implementer (CEI) program, which recognizes partners who have cloud implementation practices. The CIS program currently focuses on Oracle`s software and service offerings and provides partners with access to certification vouchers, promotions in Oracle`s catalog and marketplace, as well as product training. The CIS program is limited to qualified partners with higher or higher OPN status. Each level of Oracle PartnerNetwork has unique requirements that include partner skills, annual revenue and annual fees. Oracle`s website contains the following requirements for program status: If you read my blog, you know I`m constantly talking about the importance of being independent of Oracle. Well, when I started the palisade in 2011, I didn`t have the same understanding of the need for independence as I do now.

I`ve always understood the importance of not being an Oracle dealer. But at that time, I was ready to be in Oracle OPN (Oracle PartnerNetwork) and accept the limitations of this relationship. In fact, there was a time when Palisade was a silver partner in Oracle`s partner network. How would this prove to us and our customers? As Oracle`s leading Global Cloud Elite partner, Deloitte and its member companies have access to professionals with in-depth knowledge of Oracle Cloud`s applications and technologies. Oracle has grown in recent years after a slow start to cloud computing. To support the distribution of channels for its cloud offerings, Oracle has invested in the development of a cloud channel. As with most channels, Oracle PartnerNetwork`s benefits increase incrementally with each level of bottom-up program. According to Oracle, the benefits for the ladders are: On Oracle`s letter that ejected us from the OPN... It`s hanging from my desk in a frame. It is an honorary distinction for all our customers. I appreciate this letter and appreciate the independence we can bring to our customers.