Sui Generis Agreement Definition

More importantly, in the professional legal education of Aborigines, the work of Aborigines to define and create contemporary indigenous education is a thing of their own nature that has sui generis admissions and a sui generis curriculum. [9] In PST Energy 7 Shipping LLC v O W Bunker Malta Ltd [2016] UKSC 23, [2016] 2 WLR 1193, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom recently considered the scope of Article 2(1), including the requirement for a transfer of ownership of the goods. The transaction at issue concerned the supply of bunkers (marine fuel) by O W Bunker Malta Ltd (hereinafter OBWM) to PST Energy 7 Shipping LLC (hereinafter pst), the owners of a ship, Res Cogitans. That agreement contained a retention of title clause. When goods are delivered on credit terms, a retention of title clause allows the seller to retain ownership of the goods until payment by the buyer. OBWM had been supplied with bunkers by its parent company O W Bunker & Trading A/S (hereinafter OWBAS), itself supplied by Rosneft Marine UK Ltd (hereinafter RMUK). The contract between OWBAS and RMUK also contained a retention of title clause. The physical supply of the bunkers to the vessel was carried out by RN-Bunker Ltd, an RMUK company and RMUK supplier. The legal proceedings alight a result of a request for restructuring by OWBAS, an event that would allow ING Bank NV to claim the contract price from PST as the assignee of the debt owed to OWBM.

Concerned that it would not be able to recover the contract price from OWBAS, RMUK indicated that it would require PST to pay on the basis that RMUK would remain the owner of the bunkers.