What Are The Key Documents That Are Included In An Interoperability Agreement (Ia)

OIF-VSR4-01.0 - Very Short Reach (VSR) OC-192 for parallel optics. "VSR-1 adapts high-flying Gigabit Ethernet technology in the form of 1.25 Gbps with 850 laser nanometers via multi-mode fibers. VSR-1 uses 12 channels on fiber band and reaches up to 300 meters. The 12 lasers can be implemented with a single Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Array. 10 of the fibers carry data, one carries CRC error detection codes, and the 12th fiber carries the parity of the 10 data fibers. This allows the correction without impact of errors on each fiber, including the loss of a fiber. The end of the field of multimode band fiber is supported. Connection electronics automatically adapt to both upside-down tape connectors. The components needed to implement VSR-1 are now available from suppliers, and OIF members have demonstrated the heterofunctional interoperability of the interface. (OIF press release from 16 January 2001) VSR4-02 (OC-192 Very Short Reach Interface, 1 Fiber 1310nm) "VSR4-02 is based on ITU G.691. It uses 10 Gbit/s of serial signaling with a 1310 nanometer laser via SMF and reaches up to 600 meters.

Compared to SONET Short Reach (SR) interfaces, it relaxes certain optical parameters. It allows for greater dispersion and reduced range, with the intention of making devices more cost-effective. Note: VSR4-02 AI was included in VSR4-05 as a 4dB-Link option. Description: The video explains what SPOCS is, how it works, what are the achievements. Description: Video explanation of the European Professional Card (EPP), an electronic procedure that recognises professional qualifications in another EU country. It is simpler and faster to manage than traditional qualification recognition procedures and more transparent: you can follow the application online and reuse already downloaded documents to launch new applications for different countries. Description: Presentation with: EIRA v1.0.0 Introduction; Why does EIRA use interoperability specifications? interoperability for EIRA interoperability specifications; What is an EIRA interoperability specification?; Examples. Description: Summary of a presentation of SEMIC 2018: A Digital Society - Digital Transformation of Organizations - Challenges in Financial Surveillance and Interoperability - Interoperability Issues - Financial Data Standardization - Technological Innovation - Data, Blockchains and AI OIF-TL-01.1 - Implementation Agreement for Common Software Protocol, Control Syntax and Physical (Modules Electrical and Mechanical) for Tunable Laser. "... The first laser-IA agreement of the OIF-PLL working group deals with the communication protocol, electrical interface and mechanical form factor interoperability for continuous lasers (CW).