What Information Is Included In A Counselling Agreement

Information on relevant company members and information on independent redress procedures It is proposed to provide written advice contracts, if necessary, to ensure clarity (see NCS code of ethics, paragraph 9). As a written document, the space for legal intervention can also be provided if the conditions are not met. A "consulting contract" (or "advice contract") is a reciprocal agreement between the advisor and the client that outlines the structure of the therapeutic alliance of labour. 30. We will generally provide customers with the information they need to know in advance in order to make an informed decision about what services they want to get, how those services are provided, and how their information or data is protected. If the urgency or seriousness of the situation requires us to intervene before providing such information, we will do so at the first appropriate opportunity. 31. We will carefully consider how we will reach an agreement with our customers and reach an agreement with them on the conditions under which our services are provided. It is an agreement or contract that takes into account, as far as possible, the needs and decisions expressed by each client. Terms of the contract or contract communicate in a way that is easily understandable to the customer and that corresponds to its context. clearly state the protection of a client`s privacy and privacy and the circumstances in which confidential or private information is passed on to others. to obtain from the customer a registration or simple access to what has been agreed, that is, the registration of the agreed agreement and any modification or clarification, if necessary.

to respect any contractual inconsistencies between agreements with our clients and other contractual agreements that apply to the work performed and to try to avoid them whenever possible or to immediately alert those empowered or responsible to resolve these contradictions. 37. We will avoid pursuing or resuscitating relationships with former clients that could harm the client or adversely affect any benefit of therapeutic work. We recognize that conflicts of interest and issues of power or dependence may persist after the formal end of our collaboration with a client, tutor or intern. Therefore:a. we will exercise caution before establishing personal or business relationships with former clients. we will avoid sexual or intimate relationships with former clients or people close to them. Exceptionally, such a relationship is permitted only after careful review of supervision and, wherever possible, after interviews with experienced colleagues or others involved in the integrity of the consulting professions, if: www.nationalcounsellingsociety.org/members/information/benefits/. A consulting contract ensures that the consultation process is well, secure and professional and emphasizes the advisor`s responsibilities to clients as well as the client`s responsibilities to the advisor.